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Mkay, so. There's this Thing, bouncing around in my head -- a very small Thing, but a persistent Thing, that ties back to some thoughts of my own and a few from other people.

The Thing is, simply: When Charles goes back to school in the fall, he'll at some point be approached by someone from the government, wih an offer. Part of me wants the offer to be a familiar one -- there's a school for talented young people like him, you see . . .

Now, it isn't the Academy. There's no can-toi running this place, no bluehands. It's a government-run program intended to conduct research on and with people like Charles, who are . . . using more potential than most humans, to answer questions like what's causing them? and what are their limits? and what can they tell us?

It's not the Academy. But one day, far, far down the road, it might be. Charles' canon shows us that things can change, and change drastically. Remember that Projection?

Anyway. The thing about the Thing is, it means a touch of canon-melding, obviously, and with the DT/FF 'verse, no less, which is all extensive and amazing. 'S not something I want to do without approval from the canonmelders.

(ETA: Batyathetoon (11:01:38 PM): Hang on a sec. Do the canons actually need to mesh? -- I mean, as in be the same world / sheaf of worlds?
Batyathetoon (11:01:43 PM): aroo, cam
UndeadWriter1488 (11:01:52 PM): Not necessarily, no.
SweeneyAgonistes (11:02:02 PM): ...
UndeadWriter1488 (11:02:04 PM): I just like the Academy/psychic!teen connection. *grin*
scuba soph (11:02:36 PM): I mean - yeah. He could just be being recruited into his verse's not-quite-yet-equivalent to the Academy.
Vivien529 (11:02:54 PM): Echos of worlds - that works well
UndeadWriter1488 (11:03:13 PM): It does, rather, Viv.
Zebosity (11:03:21 PM): Cross-universe resonance is, as I recall, canon for both series, anyhow

So. Less of a canonmeld and more of a supertextual . . . thing. I lack the vocabulary.)

If adding another canon to the mix would be too complicated or somehow prohibitive, no biggie. ^.^ I have a backup plan. But. Thoughts?
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