Jan. 3rd, 2007

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Based on how River's reacted to Charles and some of the things Charlie's told him, Charles is going to be very careful to lock down some memories: specifically, his own invitation to the Academy, some of his more unpleasant memories of the Ecthroi, and his memories of Camazotz. Canonically, he can keep people out entirely -- the man with red eyes says "You know perfectly well why. You've shut your mind entirely to me. The other two can't. I can get in through the chinks." -- but Charles thinks being totally unreadable could be as disconcerting as being entirely open.

Most anything else from canon is fair game, especially stuff from A Swiftly Tilting Planet; Zyll and Zylle and all the Zillahs are going to be on his mind, along with the people he went Within.

Emotionally, he's curious, excited, and a little bit wondering at the whole experience. He's never been around so many psychics at once, and the goodmind is awesome.

As for what he's going to be reading from them -- as a rule, Charles doesn't go looking for specific thoughts unless given a reason. He reads emotions pretty much automatically, though, especially strong ones. I'm not sure how much the Academy kids broadcast, but it's probably safe to say that Charles won't actively listen unless he's really having trouble following a line of thought.


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