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Go Your Own Way -- Fleetwood Mac
Carry On My Wayward Son -- Boston
Molly -- Friends of mine
Galician Carol -- Carlos Nunez
Girl Anachronism -- Dresden Dolls
It's Tough to Have a Crush When the Boy Doesn't Feel the Same Way You Do -- OK Go (This isn't indicative of anything I SWEAR.)
Landslide -- Fleetwood Mac
Serotonin -- Agnes Gooch
And So It Goes -- The King's Singers
Be a Man -- Aqua (Because every playlist of mine has to have some Aqua)
Save Me -- Queen
King Holly, King Oak -- Johnny Cunningham
Rhiannon -- Fleetwood Mac
Blackbird -- Paul McCartney
Everything's Alright -- JCS
Mother Nature's Son -- Paul McCartney
How Can I Keep From Singing? -- Enya
I'm With You -- Avril Lavigne
Dressing Room for Eternity -- Troubadours of Divine Bliss
Seven Years -- Norah Jones
It's Gonna Be (Alright) -- Ween
Gypsy -- Fleetwood Mac
Whatsername -- Greenday
Little Lies -- Fleetwood Mac
Bury My Lovely -- October Project
Let It Be -- Paul McCartney
Blessed -- Simon and Garfunkel
I Am a Rock -- Simon and Garfunkel
All You Need is Love -- the Beatles

And the two OTP songs:

Her Majesty -- the Beatles
Make It Go Away -- Holly Cole
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[OOC: *deeeeep breath* Look! Apping stuff!]

Charles Wallace Murry (never Charlie, thank you) didn't begin talking until he was nearly three. When he did, though, it was in complete sentences, with no preliminary baby talk. This set something of a precedent for the rest of his life.

Charles' IQ is off the normal charts, and it sometimes gets him into trouble. He's not exactly sure how to interact with normal society, and so spends much of his time quiet, considering. Things come easily to him, and he doesn't understand how they don't come so easily to normal people.

Part of this intelligence is the ability to kythe -- to open oneself to another person and share thoughts, memories, and emotions. Charles is a particuarly skilled kyther, and he kythes most deeply with his older sister, Meg.

This intelligence and power brings with it pride. Charles sometimes gets into situations where he's sure he can control things, and he ends up making things worse.

Charles is currently 18 -- three years have passed since the events of "A Switftly Tilting Planet." He's as likely to be found with a copy of a theoretical physics textbook as he is to be found with volume of poetry. His growth spurt has finally hit, and he stands about 5'11", with fair hair and piercing, light blue eyes.
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Testity testity.

. . .I am so weak.


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